Tapestry of Faith: Gather the Spirit: A Multigenerational Program about Stewardship

Gather the Spirit

© 2009

Gather the Spirit is an eight-session, multigenerational program that teaches stewardship with a focus on water. Stewardship can take many forms: donating money to our congregations and to causes we care about; volunteering to teach, to lead or to physically maintain our congregations; helping to meet the needs of others and protecting our shared resources in our local and global communities. Perhaps, today, there is no more compelling focus for our stewardship than the clean, drinkable water all life on Earth requires. Through a lens both scientific and religious, using activities a wide range of ages can do together, this program addresses the importance of water, the inequity of access to clean water, and actions we can take as Unitarian Universalist stewards. It asks: Can water sources be owned? Why is clean water scarce in parts of the world? If clean water is abundant where I live, what difference does it make if I conserve it? What can I do to promote global water equity?

About the Authors

Christine T. Rafal

Christine T. Rafal, Ed.D., began her career as a teacher in public and private schools in New Hampshire. Since then, she has conducted classroom research, developed performance assessments for teachers, and written online professional development courses. Christine led the team that developed the...

Richard S. Kimball

Richard (Rick) S. Kimball has been writing and editing in the fields of faith-based and secular curriculum development since 1973....

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