Tapestry of Faith: Toolbox of Faith: A Program That Helps Children Discover the Uses of Faith

Activity 3: Skits in a Bag

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Large grocery bags, one for each small group of four or five children
  • For each grocery bag: a kitchen implement, something for the head, something for the feet, something electronic or from a desk, and a toy or silly item

Preparation for Activity

  • Gather the items for the grocery bags. In each bag, place a kitchen implement (such as a whisk, a grater, a garlic press, or tongs), something for the head (such as a party hat, a bandana, a scarf, a helmet, ear muffs, or ear phones), something for the feet (such as flip-flips, boots, slippers, or moon boots), something electronic or from a desk (such as a telephone, a clock/radio, a surge protector, a stapler, or a protractor), and a toy or silly item (such as a rattle, a small car, a doll, or a whistle).

Description of Activity

Here's another game which uses a bit of theater arts for expression.

Form groups of four or five participants, and hand each group one of the filled grocery bags. Invite the groups to invent and then act out a very short, one-minute tale based on the items in the bag.

You might suggest they start with "Once upon a time there was a . . ." ("Once upon a time there was a cowboy who hated boots and only wore flip flops . . .") and end with "And that's why . . ." ("And that's why cowboys sing, 'Git along little flip-flops . . .").

Allow five minutes for groups to come up with a skit. Have the groups perform for one another. Make sure to clap for each group.