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Activity 1: Story - Answer Mountain

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • A copy of the story, "Answer Mountain"
  • Optional: Three signs that say "The Answer Is No," "The Answer Is Yes," and "The Answer Is under Construction."

Preparation for Activity

  • Read and prepare to tell the story, "Answer Mountain." For a dramatic storytelling, you may wish to make signs that say "The Answer Is No," "The Answer Is Yes" and "The Answer Is under Construction." Show each sign when it is mentioned in the story, or engage one or more participants to do so.

Description of Activity

What would it be like if nothing changed? The story, "Answer Mountain," helps participants imagine life without choices and flexibility.

Read the story aloud, or, if you prefer, tell it dramatically using "The Answer Is . . ." signs as props.

After the story, invite participants to briefly share their reflections and initial thoughts. Tell them you will discuss the story in more depth in Council Circle.