Welcoming and Entering

Welcoming and Entering
Welcoming and Entering

Activity time: 0 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Paper, scissors (including left-handed scissors), pencils, and markers in multicultural skin tones and/or bright colors
  • Optional: Toolbox of Our Faith poster and a glue stick or tape

Preparation for Activity

  • Set out materials on a worktable.

Description of Activity

This section is intended for the time before the beginning of a session when participants arrive individually over a period of time (that is, "straggle in").

Welcome participants. Invite them to trace their hands on a piece of paper and create a glove form. Suggest they draw with pencil first, then decorate with markers, and finally cut out the outline of the glove. Encourage creative additions such as glove decorations, tattoos, beaded gloves, lace gloves, armored gloves, etc.

For more information contact religiouseducation@uua.org.

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