Activity 2: Eating in Heaven and Hell Game

Activity 2: Eating in Heaven and Hell Game
Activity 2: Eating in Heaven and Hell Game

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Wooden spoons (or other long spoons), duct tape or masking tape, and rulers, dowels, or yardsticks for all participants
  • Foods to eat with spoons, such as grapes, oyster crackers, macaroni, or other easily picked up and delicious nibbles
  • Serving bowls or plates

Preparation for Activity

  • Set out the food on serving bowls or plates.

Description of Activity

Participants will experience the fun of acting out a classic folk tale and embodying the spirit of cooperation that is the difference between heaven and hell.

Invite each participant to tape a spoon to a ruler. Tell them that they are now in hell and that their elbows are fused and cannot bend. Have them try to feed themselves without bending their elbows.

After a minute, tell them that their elbows are still fused but now they are in heaven. Allow time for participants to work out a way to feed each other.

Including All Participants

Be sure to avoid foods to which any participant may be allergic.

With a movement-challenged participant, you may wish to use a tea infusing spoon with a covered lid that will hold food. Or make a sign with the word "Heaven" on one side and "Hell" on the other. Allow the child who is movement-challenged to be the sign-holder. Encourage some comedy and ask them to switch it back and forth quickly and have other participants act out the appropriate feeding.

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