Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Moral Tales: A Program on Making Choices for Grades 2-3

Activity 6: Processing The Frozen Tag Game

Part of Moral Tales

Activity time: 2 minutes

Description of Activity

Help the children reflect on how they felt in the role of helper and in the role of someone needing help. Use these questions:

  • When you were frozen, how did you want people to take care of you?
  • Did you care who unfroze you?
  • How did it feel when someone unfroze you?
  • Did you ever feel that people were leaving you frozen? If so, how did that feel?
  • Were you treated the way you wanted to be treated during this game?
  • When you were running around did you want to unfreeze other people?
  • How did it feel to unfreeze other people?
  • Did you try to unfreeze everyone who was frozen or only your friends?
  • Did you treat other people the way they wanted to be treated?

End the discussion by making the point that we all want to and deserve to be treated well by friends and neighbors and strangers alike. Say:

When we treat all others the same way we want to be treated, we are following the Golden Rule.

Including All Participants

Everyone should be able to participate in this activity. To encourage participation by all, you may want to go around the circle for answers rather than having the children call out.