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Story: The Lion on the Path

Story 1: The Lion on the Path
Story: The Lion on the Path

The Tapestry of Faith story, The Lion on the Path, is not available. Instead, it is suggested that you share the fable, The Tiger and the Fox, which is widely available from many sources in versions attributed variously to Aesop, Chinese folklore, "anonymous," and others.

In the story, a fox, to save itself from a hungry tiger, boasts that its courage is greater than the tiger's. The fox invites the tiger to follow behind as it walks toward a village of humans. As the fox approaches, the humans scatter and run. In some versions of this story, the tiger is very far behind, and the humans are afraid of the fox because it has borrowed courage from the tiger. In other versions, the tiger is following the fox more closely, and the humans are afraid because they see the frightening tiger behind the fox. 

The plan for Activity 3 has been adapted for leaders who will use The Tiger and the Fox.

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