Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Sing to the Power: A Social Justice Program for Children Grades 4-5

Before You Start

This chart provides a snapshot for long-range planning.


Central Story

Faith in Action Activity

1 The Power of Earth

Creation from the Dreamtime: Australian Aborigine Creation Story

Exploring Ways to Exercise Earth Power

2 The Power of Roots

Where I'm From... .: Southern Writer Jo Carson

Planning Our Earth Power

3 The Power of Growth

Putting Dreams into Action: Mark Covington's Community Garden

Acting on Our Earth Power

4 The Power of Place

Harvesting Hope: Partnership with Transylvania

Reflecting on Our Earth Power

5 The Power of Air

Henry David Thoreau and the Still, Small Voice

Exploring Ways to Exercise Air Power

6 The Power of Presence

The Presence of Angels: A Peaceful Protest

Planning Our Air Power

7 The Power of Silence

One Square Inch of Silence

Acting on Our Air Power

8 The Power of Listening

Building a Beacon: Don Robinson and Beacon House

Reflecting on Our Air Power

9 The Power of Fire

A Sea of Pink: Standing Up to Bullies

Exploring Ways to Exercise Our Fire Power

10 The Power of Passion

The Power of Half: Hanna Salwen

Planning Our Fire Power

11 The Power of Action

Taking the Heat: and Action to Fight Climate Change

Acting on Our Fire Power

12 The Power of Reaching Out

Standing on the Side of Love: Immigration

Reflecting on Our Fire Power

13 The Power of Water

The Creation of the Grand Canyon

Exploring Ways to Exercise Our Water Power

14 The Power of Persistence

Phebe Hanaford Gets the Vote

Planning Our Water Power

15 The Power of Gathering

Water Justice Tours

Acting on Our Water Power

16 The Power to Make Change

The Four Creations: A Hopi Creation Story

Reflecting on Our Water Power