Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Love Connects Us: A Program on Living in Unitarian Universalist Covenant for Grades 4-5

Before You Start

This chart provides a snapshot of Love Connects Us for long-range planning. In Session 1, find guidance for planning and displaying the Rainbow Wall Hanging which the group will use each time they meet.

In most sessions, during the Opening, the children attach heart-, hand-, peace sign-, question mark-, or bucket-shaped ornaments to the Rainbow Wall Hanging. The Welcoming and Entering activities for each of these sessions explain how to make templates and set out materials so early-arriving children can cut out ornament shapes. If you do not expect the children will make enough ornaments before the session for every child to have one during the Opening, cut the ornaments yourself.


Central Story

Rainbow Wall Hanging

Faith in Action

1 A Covenant is a Promise

Noah and the Rainbow Covenant

Assemble a Rainbow Wall Hanging to use throughout the program

Banner of Congregational Covenant

2 A Heritage of Love

Judith Sargent Murray: Turn Around

Attach heart-shaped ornaments and/or friendship bracelets

Helping a Younger Religious Education Group

3 Love is the Spirit of This Church

The Mish-Mash Heart

Attach heart-shaped ornaments and/or "mish-mash" hearts

Multigenerational Mish-Mash Hearts

4 Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Crossing the Finish Line Together

Attach heart-shaped ornaments and/or affirmation badges

Making Greeting Cards

5 Meeting People Where They Live

Joseph Tuckerman's Revolution

Attach hand-shaped ornaments and/or sailor knots

Direct Service at a Shelter or Other Program

6 The More We Get Together

The Ants and the Grasshopper

Attach hand-shaped ornaments and/or straw loom bookmarks

Volunteer in Service to the Congregation

7 One Person Makes a Difference

One Person Makes a Difference: Craig Keilburger and Free the Children

Attach hand-shaped ornaments and/or fringed fabric rugs

Hold Benefit for Free the Children

8 Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike

Attach peace sign ornaments

Hold Peace Vigil

9 Kindness is the Key

The Christmas Truce

Peace sign ornaments and/or (optional) paper peace cranes

Congregational Peace Crane Mobile

10 Peace Inside

Serenity, Courage and Wisdom

Attach peace sign ornaments and/or knotted beads

Teach Centering Exercises

11 Science and Religion

Discovering Truth Through Science and Religion

Attach question mark ornaments

Planting a Tree

12 Seeing Truth/True Seeing

Hard Truths

Attach question mark ornaments and/or God's Eyes (made out of craft sticks)

Political Issues Research

13 A Matter of Perspective

Filling the House

Attach cut-out of an optical illusion

Video Project

14 Our Heritage's Calling

The Woman Who Wouldn't Give Up

Attach bucket ornaments

Heeding our Calling to Help Others

15 All Work Together

No More Turning Away

Attach bucket ornaments

Create "Box House" with Information on Homelessness

16 We Are Active Creators of Our Faith

The Treehouse Rules

Children cut and remove a piece of the Rainbow Wall Hanging

Covenant Quilt or Banner