Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Resistance and Transformation: An Adult Program on Unitarian Universalist Social Justice History

Alternate Activity 1: Script - A Transcript from a HUAC Hearing

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Pre-arrange with four volunteers to read the four roles in the transcript. Give them copies of Handout 4 with their assignments.
  • Arrange furniture to effectively present the story. In the "stage" area, place a seat for Rev. Oxnam facing three seats for HUAC panelists.

Description of Activity

Invite the volunteer actors to present the transcript.

Afterward, ask them to briefly say how it felt to read their parts.

Invite participants to respond to the presentation:

  • What feelings do you think the Committee intended to provoke?
  • Do you think that the experience was what Bishop Oxnam expected when he asked to present his case to the Committee? How? How not?
  • If you were called before such a Committee, how would you prepare yourself emotionally for the experience?