Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Resistance and Transformation: An Adult Program on Unitarian Universalist Social Justice History


Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Worship or centering table and chalice
  • Participant journals
  • Writing materials, including paper, pens, pencils, color pencils, and markers
  • Taking It Home handout

Preparation for Activity

  • Customize the Taking It Home section of this workshop and copy for all participants.

Description of Activity

Make sure each participant has their journal and something to write with.

Invite participants to respond:

Think about the choices you have made in your life regarding engagement with social justice issues. How has your life situation-your age, your family situation, your gender, your gender expression, your ethnicity, your employment-affected the form your engagement has taken? Have you ever felt compelled to take up a cause, even though to do so might radically alter your day-to-day existence?

Allow ten minutes for writing in journals.

Invite a participant to come forward and extinguish the chalice as you say these words: "As we extinguish this chalice, may we let the light of our tradition kindle our hope for a better world."

Distribute Taking It Home and invite participants to continue to write in their journals between workshops.