Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Spirit in Practice: An Adult Program for Developing A Regular Practice of the Spirit

Activity 3: Three Practices

Activity time: 35 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • If you have more than one hour to present this workshop, review Alternate Activity 2 for ideas on how to expand this experience to 55 minutes in length.

Description of Activity

Invite the group to self-select into three smaller groups. Explain that each one will look at a spiritual practice that integrates spirituality and everyday living. The first is Sacred Rest. The second is Spirituality and Money. The third is Eating in Community. If one of the groups is considerably larger or smaller than the others, ask if anyone would be willing to switch groups for better balance.

Once the groups are formed, give each group the handout for their topic. Invite participants to spend 15 minutes discussing the questions on the handouts, or anything else the topic brings up for them. If a group truly believes it is finished discussing before the time is up, members can join other groups in progress.

After 15 minutes, ring the bell. Invite everyone back into one group to spend the remaining time (about 15 minutes) discussing anything that came up. If participants are willing, invite them to share with one another any commitment they might like to make regarding integrating a new "daily life practice" into their lives.

Including All Participants

If you notice participants struggling to hear one another in their small groups, allow some groups to leave the room and find a quieter space.

You may wish to pass a cordless microphone during the whole-group discussion so that participants can hear one another better.