Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Spirit of Life: An Adult Program on Unitarian Universalist Spirituality

Before You Start

Part of Spirit of Life

Determine the schedule. Decide whether you will offer the program for nine consecutive weeks, once a month for nine consecutives months, or on another schedule. Set the dates and times. Take holidays and three-day weekends into account to ensure that all participants can make all scheduled meetings.

Choose a meeting space. Find a comfortable room that offers, or can accommodate, chairs for participants, tables for artwork and writing, an altar or centering table, a podium if you will use one, and a cordless microphone if you will use one. Make sure you will be able to use an easel or post newsprint on the walls, and make sure the space is accessible for participants in wheelchairs. Reserve the space and any equipment you may need for all of the workshop dates and times you have chosen.

Arrange for childcare. If you are meeting at a time when religious education programming is not available for participants' children, arrange for childcare with qualified childcare providers and reserve a room for childcare.

Promote the Spirit of Life workshop(s). Use newsletters, websites, printed and verbal announcements, adult religious education brochures, and special invitations to publicize the program. Reach out at worship, at visitor and new member orientations, and at other religious education program meetings. You may also choose to promote the workshop(s) more broadly with a listing in your local newspaper or on your local community access television channel.