Call and Response: Journeys in UU Lifespan Faith Development

Are You a Religious Educator? Then, Welcome!

By Susan Lawrence



Faith development happens all the time. From a young age and continuing over a lifetime, our moral, ethical, spiritual, and religious self is shaped by encounters we experience, and our own responses. Religious education, however, is something different. It is intentional faith development. That's what we've launched this blog site to explore.

A religious educator can be a professional, a volunteer teacher, a peer facilitator, a worship leader, or a parent at home—anyone who has embraced an opportunity to inspire and guide faith development. If you do this work in a Unitarian Universalist (UU) context, this blog site is for you.

We’ll offer useful stories of faith transformations, felt and witnessed. We'll share concrete suggestions and best practices. With your help, we'll cull from the collective wisdom and expertise of the UU religious education world we serve. Here, we'll exchange ideas, energy, and practical help to invite others--and yourself--to grow in spirit.

We invite your comments. And we hope you will take conversations that begin here into other online and in-person communities to which you belong. We recommend the REACH-L and Adult RE-L email lists sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), the website of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA), and the UUA website as places to keep connecting.

A warm welcome to you!

About the Author

Susan Lawrence

Susan Dana Lawrence is managing editor for the Lifespan Faith Engagement office of the UUA. She is a writer and educator who has worked in broadcast television, corporate communications, and print journalism. She belongs to Reform Jewish and Unitarian Universalist faith communities.


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