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Gathered Here Community Conversation Materials
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Community Conversations are structured group gatherings involving anywhere from a dozen to a hundred people. They are divided into 4 mandatory and 2 optional segments (modules). There are different versions of each module, so that communities can tailor them to meet their unique needs. (For example, there are small and large group segments, short and full-length interviews, and materials for adults and children.)

The following documents are in PDF format.

Get started with your Community Conversation

  1. Download and review the Summary and Comparison of Alternative Designs. Along with your community’s leadership, choose which approaches will serve you best.
  2. Use the Module Choice List to calculate the time required.
  3. Begin preparing, using the Recommendations for Ministers and Community Leaders and Congregational Coordinator Preparation Instructions.
  4. Download both Facilitator Workbooks and Participant Workbooks for the modules and versions that you’ve chosen.

Documents for Download

Preparatory Materials for Community Leaders and Congregational Coordinators

Module 1: Welcome and Opening

Module 2: Interviews

Module 3: Making Meaning and Dreaming

Module 4: Next Steps and Closing

Module 5: Back Home Reflections

Optional Modules


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