UUA President Apologizes for UU World Article

By Susan Frederick-Gray

Yesterday evening, I first began seeing the responses to the UU World article “After L, G and B” published in the mailed and online version of the magazine that just arrived at people’s homes.

More than anything, I want to acknowledge the harm and pain this article is creating. I am sorry for the direct harm this is causing for trans and nonbinary people both within and beyond Unitarian Universalism, including UUA staff. If we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of everyone, that belief must show up in every way we do our work at the UUA. When our UU siblings are devalued or marginalized by our work, we’ve failed to live into our values.

When something painful is caused by the UUA, I know it makes it difficult for many of you who minister to the larger community in these times. And when the harm is very personal to your own experience, the pain and burden is that much greater.

I know returning to right relationship and building trust take time. We commit to doing what it takes to regain the trust of trans and nonbinary UUs and to make Unitarian Universalism a truly inclusive faith movement.

I want to update you about how we are initially responding to this article:

  1. Yesterday evening, I was in personal contact with a member of the TRUUsT steering committee and a couple other trans UU leaders to let them know what was happening, to apologize for the harm caused and to make myself available as needed.
  2. Carey McDonald and I met with UU World today to discuss a path forward that centers the most impacted people and prioritizes accountability and responsibility.
  3. UU World Editor, Christopher L. Walton, issued an apology about the article.

I know there will be much more to be done. For now, I just want to honor the hurt so many are experiencing and the work we still have to learn and practice to center and value trans lives and live into our values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Yours in faith and love,