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Full name: Sam Ames, Esq., JD, MTS

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Sam Ames, Esq., JD, MTS, is a civil rights attorney, author, and national LGBTQ rights advocate. They served as interim executive director at both Our Family Coalition and Trans Lifeline, as a staff attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and as the founder of the Born Perfect campaign. Sam is a consultant on LGBTQ issues nationwide and has testified in state legislatures, on Capitol Hill, and at the United Nations. They are a member of TRUUsT and a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, George Washington University Law School, and UC Santa Cruz.

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Life | UU World

What you need to know about trans rights in a new era

Sam Ames

From Life
Advancements and challenges to transgender rights herald a new era calling for a recommitment to deep engagement.

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UU World

Q&A: LGBTQ Advocate Sam Ames

Staff Writer

From UU World Magazine
Civil rights attorney Sam Ames says the 2020 election marks the beginning, not the end, of work to strengthen trans rights.

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