Rob Kipp

Full name: Rob Kipp (he/him)

International Programs Administrator

International Resources


Telephone: (617) 948-4311

Headshot of a smiling white man in his late 20s with glasses, curly brown hair, and a short beard, wearing a light blue button down shirt and a black necktie

Rob Kipp (he.him) lives in northern Maine (Eastern time zone). He has worked for the UUA since 2016. In his spare time he enjoys walking, watching films, and playing tabletop RPGs with his closest friends.

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For five weeks in the fall of 2020, the International Unitarian/Universalist Joint Working Group (Unitarian Universalist Association International Office, the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, and the UU Partner Church Council) hosted a five-part webinar series that posed the...

By Rob Kipp | November 24, 2020 | From International Unitarian Universalism
Tagged as: International Human Rights & Justice, International Engagement & Building Peace

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