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The Reverend Patricia Hoertdoerfer, MA, M.Div., is a Unitarian Universalist minister of religious education. Now retired, she served as the family and children’s curriculum development director for the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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Book | By Christine Reed, Patricia Hoertdoerfer | From inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop
Tagged as: Diversity, Education, Multiculturalism, Multiculturalism

A complete service for Children's Sabbath, with Homily by Pat Hoertdoerfer. Chalice Lighting We gather this hour as people of faith With joys and sorrows; gifts and needs. We light this beacon of hope, Sign of our quest for truth and meaning, In celebration of the life we share together. Opening...

Complete Service | By Patricia Hoertdoerfer | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
Tagged as: Children's Sabbath

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