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Leon Spencer's work on behalf of anti-racism and anti-oppression efforts for Unitarian Universalist congregations began in 1985, when he helped establish the Black Concerns Working Group. He has participated in the Jubilee Working Group, the Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Team, and the Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries known as DRUUMM.

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An outgrowth of the UUA’s 1990s/2000s workshop Creating a Jubilee World, this completely revised and updated weekend-long workshop—Jubilee 3—has been used by congregations and leaders to develop their anti-racist skills and understanding. The workshops are led by national-profile trainers, who...

Training | By Paula Cole Jones, Leon Spencer, Lutricia Callair | June 8, 2023 | For Adults | From The Mosaic
Tagged as: Anti-Oppression, Anti-Racism, BIPOC Experiences, Congregational Transformation, Multiculturalism, Whiteness

What does it mean to develop systems that are accountable to expanding diversity, equity and inclusion? Structures that promote accountability are essential to maintaining progress over time, especially as the world is changing.

Webinar | By Leslie Takahashi, Kim Hampton, Lucia Santini Field, Leon Spencer | September 14, 2020 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: #WidenTheCircle, Governance for Congregations

From the interim co-presidents: We are committed to making this a time of opportunity and not merely a troubled time to be survived.

By Sofía Betancourt, William G. Sinkford, Leon Spencer | May 15, 2017 | From UU World
Tagged as: Anti-Oppression, Change

A history of the UUA journey toward becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural movement.

Book | By Leslie Takahashi, James (Chip) Roush, Leon Spencer | From Skinner House Books
Tagged as: Activism, Anti-Oppression, Identity, Multiculturalism, UU Beliefs, UU History, Anti-Oppression, Anti-Racism, Multiculturalism, Social Justice, Vision for UUism

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