Jim Burklo

Full name: Jim Burklo

Rev. Jim Burklo is the Associate Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California. An ordained United Church of Christ pastor, he is the author of four published books: OPEN CHRISTIANITY, BIRDLIKE AND BARNLESS, HITCH-HIKING TO ALASKA: THE WAY OF SOULFUL SERVICE, a 2013 novel about religious diversity in America: SOULJOURN, and DEEPER LOVE: Faithful Rhetoric for Progressive Social Change. His weekly blog,MUSINGS, focuses on progressive Christian spirituality and social activism; he also blogs at ProgressiveChristianity.org, Patheos.com, and Huffington Post. He serves on the board of directors of Progressive Christians Uniting. Jim and his wife, Roberta Maran, live in Hollywood.

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The Virgin Monologue

Jim Burklo

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“‘God did it’ isn’t an explanation,” said Joseph. He got no account for the baby’s chromosomes, No description of the mechanism that Transmuted...

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