James Luther Adams

From the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography:

James Luther Adams (November 12, 1901-July 26, 1994) was a Unitarian parish minister, social activist, journal editor, prolific author, and for more than 40 years a divinity school professor. A distinguished scholar, he translated and edited the works of major German theologians. Adams was the most influential theologian among 20th-century Unitarian Universalists and one of the finest 20th-century American liberal Christian theologians.

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Leader Resource 4: The Love of God

James Luther Adams

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In the largely secularized culture and language of our time, the subject of this chapter is by no means one that elicits universal interest. To many...
Leader Resource 3: Use of Symbols

James Luther Adams

From What Moves Us
James Luther Adams, published in On Being Human Religiously (Boston: Unitarian Universalist Association, 1976). Used with permission....


A Faith for the Free

James Luther Adams

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"A faith that is not the sister of justice is bound to bring people to grief...

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