J Mase III

Full name: Mase

J Mase III is a Black/trans poet & educator based in Seattle by way of NYC. From a Christian and Muslim upbringing, he has worked with community members all over the US, UK & Canada on the needs of LGBTQIA youth and adults in secular and faith spaces. His musings and work have been featured on MSNBC, Believe Out Loud, NBC Out among others. He is founder of awQward the first ever trans & queer people of color specific talent agency.

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There is a spiritual loneliness when looking for your people in the eyes of a congregation that is well read, but not well practiced in the art of addressing racial and trans justice. As a Black trans person whose history has been stolen, erased, and gaslit I had to take intentional steps to piece together a faith practice that didn’t just acknowledge me as a full being, in all my Blackness and transness, but also the reality of the world I exist in at this current moment in time.

By J Mase III | February 25, 2018 | From Uplift

As Black trans people, we are a community often the target of criminalization, homelessness, murder and joblessness. As #BlackTransMagick, we ask ourselves “how do we protect our spirits and those of our loved ones who face so much trauma?”

Poetry | By J Mase III | September 25, 2017 | From Uplift
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