Helen Bishop

Helen Bishop looked after around 80 UU congregations in the Midwest as District Executive. She served in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia, is a Credentialed Religious Educator at the Master level, has master’s degrees in genetics, medieval and Renaissance music, and distance learning, and has a doctorate in organizational leadership. She has taught at Starr King School for the Ministry and at Meadville/Lombard Theological School and has worked for The Mountain, a Unitarian Universalist center near Highlands, NC. She was awarded the Angus MacLean Award for Excellence in Religious Education in 2008. She and her wife, Susan Grider, have five children and ten grandchildren, and she also loves to sing!

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Warning Signals: Anemic Involvement

Helen Bishop

From InterConnections
How many of these vignettes sound like your congregation? At your last annual meeting, twenty-seven of your 181 adult members showed up....

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