Evin Carvill Ziemer

Full name: Rev. Evin Carvill Ziemer (they/any)

Developmental Lead

New England Region in Congregational Life

Email: eziemer@uua.org

Telephone: (617) 948-4328

Image of Evin Carvill-Ziemer: white non-binary person with short dark hair and glasses leaning on a railing. Evin is wearing a black sweater over a blue collar shirt.

Evin serves as the Developmental Lead for the New England Region. Previous to this position Evin served the Central East Region as a Congregational Consultant with responsibilities in youth ministry. Evin has also served congregations in Ohio and as Ohio Meadville District and St. Lawrence District staff. Evin holds a Masters of Divinity from Earlham School of Religion and Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College.
Evin grew up Unitarian Universalist in New England attending congregations in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts before seminary. Before ministry they worked as a teacher and experiential educator.

Pronouns: I do identify as genderqueer. Many people use different pronouns for me, which is fine. You may use "she", "he", or "they" as seems appropriate to you and the context.

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As a parent of young children, the idea of staying home with my kids for two weeks makes me think: severe cabin fever. Selfishly, I began wondering how our congregations can help....

By Evin Carvill Ziemer | March 12, 2020 | From LeaderLab

I was spending the late afternoon before the June 2018 UU Minister’s Association Ministry Days exploring the hotel and riding the escalators with my 3 and 4 year old children while we waited for the Opening Reception (“party” to my children).

By Evin Carvill Ziemer | July 29, 2019 | From Better Together

"Trans people have a wide range of gender identities and a wide range of ways of adapting, and being unable or unwilling to adapt, to a world that doesn’t often accept us. We come in the full range of human differences which impact how others respond to our transness."

By Evin Carvill Ziemer | March 11, 2019 | From Better Together

Here are some guiding questions and ideas about including a youth on your congregation's board.

By Evin Carvill Ziemer | April 3, 2018 | From Youth Ministry

This is the season of Advent. The time of waiting and emptying and not knowing.

By Evin Carvill Ziemer | December 11, 2017 | From Better Together

Dear Moppies, Maddies, and Babas; men who have given birth, women whose children still call you Daddy, queer parents of all genders and none, There isn’t a holiday set apart for us. We’re reminded of that twice a year. But I see you. I see you next to your wife’s hospital bed, snuggling your...

Reflection | By Evin Carvill Ziemer | June 12, 2017 | From WorshipWeb

I believe in the radical idea that men have the full human capacity to nurture.

Meditation | By Evin Carvill Ziemer | June 12, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
http://ecziemer.tumblr.com/post/153200833191/lgbtq-youth-survival-guide… Youth Survival Guide: Trump Edition Dear beautiful, fabulous gender creative and sexually non-conforming youth and teens–all those who are queer, trans, non-binary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and a hundred other wonderful...
By Evin Carvill Ziemer | November 21, 2016 | From Guides and Tools

If we lived in another climate Our souls might speak other languages We might speak oasis or permafrost, dry season or monsoon But our souls speak spring Our souls speak green shoots pushing through last year’s leaves Our souls speak flower buds stretching to sun Our souls speak mud puddle and...

Opening | By Evin Carvill Ziemer | March 23, 2016 | From WorshipWeb

Why are all those yellow shirts marching in Cleveland? They're not all UU's, the story is even better than that. And might help you know what to work on in your city.

By Evin Carvill Ziemer | June 1, 2015 | From Better Together

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