Erica Baron

Full name: Rev. Erica Baron (she/her/hers)

Congregational Life Staff

New England Region in Congregational Life


Telephone: (617) 948-4604

Erica Baron: Head and shoulders of a white woman with short red hair, wearing a black blazer and a black and orange necklace against a mottled blue background.

Rev. Erica Baron joined the New England region staff in 2019, focusing on helping congregations live into their missions and develop their gifts for spiritual leadership. Before joining the Congregational Life staff, she served as parish minister for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills in Kingston, NY, as well as the congregations in Rutland and Bennington, VT. She is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School.

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The practice of Tending Our Tradition asks us to be stewards of Unitarian Universalism by bringing forward what remains liberatory and life-giving from our past while addressing the harms that have also been part of our story.

By Erica Baron | March 15, 2024 | From Tending to Tradition

Covenant as Landscape (6:36) Many people talk about “breaking a covenant” when conflict arises. But is it the covenant that’s broken or is it that relationships are bruised? Rev. Erica Baron invites us to think about the words as the map to the covenant, and the covenant is the landscape. The...

Video | By Erica Baron, New England Region of the UUA | March 21, 2023 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: Covenant

In 2020 General Assembly delegates voted to begin a review of Article II of the UUA Bylaws. Article II is the covenant between and among UU congregations. It currently contains our seven Principles and six Sources. It also has language about inclusion and freedom of belief....

By Erica Baron, Meck Groot, Joe Sullivan | November 21, 2022 | From Practice Makes Possible Blog

In UU congregations, conflict avoidance, a sense of urgency, and either/or thinking can make it difficult to engage conflicts well. We will learn to engage conflicts of various kinds in ways that lead toward Beloved Community.

Webinar | By Erica Baron, Byron "Tyler" Coles, Sarah Gibb Millspaugh | November 11, 2022 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: Conflict Management in Congregations, Past General Assemblies

Someone has just reached out to you with some critical feedback about the minister. What should you do next?

Book | By Erica Baron | November 11, 2022 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: Shared Ministry Teams

Here are the latest insights, ideas, tools, and permission to do the work of the Committee on (Shared) Ministry effectively from Congregational Life Staff.

Book | By Erica Baron, Sana Saeed, Patricia Infante, Hilary Allen, Melissa James | October 29, 2022 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: Shared Ministry Teams

Help your people learn how to give helpful evaluations and so we can be much better ministers.

Book | By Erica Baron | October 28, 2022 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: Shared Ministry Teams

One evening at a Board meeting, we came to a question about our definitions of membership....

Book | By Erica Baron | October 28, 2022 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: Shared Ministry Teams

There is a cave, the story goes. In the cave, there is an old woman. She has been in the cave for as long as she can remember, weaving. Like so many stories, this one has been told in many places, and so it has many variations. Here’s how I heard it....

By Erica Baron | September 13, 2022 | From Practice Makes Possible Blog

We usually think about giving generously, but we think less often about what it means to receive generously. Since we crave having our gifts seen, acknowledged, confirmed, it is an act of generosity to each other to receive each other’s gifts.

By Erica Baron | July 13, 2022 | From LeaderLab

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