Beth Casebolt

Full name: Beth Casebolt, CRE (she/her)

CER Operations Manager and Communications Consultant

Central East Region in Congregational Life


Telephone: (740) 232-9048

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Beth Casebolt is the Operations Manager and Communications Consultant for the Central East Region. Prior to regionalization she served as the District Administrator for the Ohio-Meadville District, a position she started in November 2007. She is very interested in accessibility issues especially with online teaching, such as in webinars and online learning platforms.

Beth began her service to Unitarian Universalism as a religious educator, she is a credentialed religious educator, associate level; a trainer of teachers for the Our Whole Lives program elementary ages; a member of the Liberal Religious Educators Association, a mentor for the religious educators' credentialing program and has served on the LREDA Mentoring Committee.

Prior to taking on the administrator role she served as the secretary of the OMD Board. She also served the Ohio-Meadville District as member and chair of the Lifespan Faith Development Committee, Children's Program Coordinator for Summer Institute 2003 and as a Small Congregation Liaison. She is a member of the Association of UU Administrators.

Outside of Unitarian Universalism, Beth holds a BS in Nursing from Alderson-Broaddus College, has held an active Registered Nursing license in multiple states since 1988 and has held an active certification from the Certified Pediatric Nursing Board since 1990. She stays current with children and youth health and safety issues. She enjoys working in technical theatre and worked with the Ohio University Eastern Campus as a technical director, costume designer and stage manager for 25 years. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her partner and traveling to visit their two young adults.

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Back in 1999, each June my family of four would load up our van with a tent, sleeping bags, camp stove, dishes, food and more and head out for wherever that year's General Assembly was being held....

By Beth Casebolt | June 14, 2021 | From Better Together
Tagged as: #COVID19, Building Community

With the advent of built in Zoom Live Transcription, any congregation with a Zoom account should be able to turn on captions for any event or meeting. While the transcription isn't perfect, and a live captioning would likely be more accurate, it does open up your video streams to more people.

By Beth Casebolt | May 24, 2021 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: Congregational Administration, Disability & Accessibility, Worship

Change is afoot in our congregations! Ready or not, we are all learning new skills and adapting old ways to meet emerging needs, especially your professional staff.

By Patricia Infante, Beth Casebolt | March 29, 2021 | From Better Together
Tagged as: Staffing & Supervision

In 1985 I was 18 and voted in my first election. I happened to be home from college for summer break and voted in the primary in my home town in Pennsylvania.

By Beth Casebolt | October 26, 2020 | From Better Together
Tagged as: Election Reform

In this time of Coronavirus we want to help each other and be supportive. Some of this requires at least being able to exchange stuff. But how to do it safely?

By Beth Casebolt | March 17, 2020 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: #COVID19, Building Community, Trauma and Disaster Response

What a week we have had. Seven days ago we were looking at when we might consider switching to virtual services and wondering if a week or two might serve. By Thursday we were rapidly moving to most churches canceling services and moving to virtual alternatives....

By Beth Casebolt | March 16, 2020 | From Better Together
Tagged as: #COVID19, Trauma and Disaster Response

The holiday season, for adults at least, is often fraught with worries and stress. Do the decorations on the house look right? Did I buy the perfect present for my family and friends? Is the dinner I’m planning right for everyone?...

By Beth Casebolt | December 9, 2019 | From Better Together
Tagged as: Congregational Action, Congregational Administration

General Assembly ended yesterday, the whirlwind week of workshops, services, business meetings, and the exhibit hall is now over for another year. As I write this many are starting the trip home from Spokane, WA. If you missed anything or want to re-watch things, everything from the main session...

By Beth Casebolt | June 23, 2019 | From Better Together
Tagged as: General Assembly

In our regional staff team we joke about our “superpowers”. These are fun, amazing skills each of us have that we like to joke about - for example, one of us can tetris 7 people’s luggage and equipment into the back of van in a matter of minutes, and another can knit fruits, veggies and animals out of yarn.

By Beth Casebolt | June 14, 2019 | From Better Together
Tagged as: Leadership Development

In most of our region, frigid temperatures and snow are on the way - ok, yes, we've already experienced that this year. This year, plan ahead so that you are ready to respond to severe winter weather: Prevent frozen pipes by identifying pipes most likely exposed to freezing temperatures If heavy...

By Beth Casebolt | December 31, 2018 | From Better Together
Tagged as: Covenant, Safe Congregations

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