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Becky Brooks is a former Director of Religious Education with more than fifteen years’ experience in faith development work. She has served on the leadership teams of local and continental religious educators’ organizations, including a three-year term on the Liberal Religious Educators Association Board. She now writes and develops resources for congregations.

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Mother's Day is complicated. Joyful for many, yes, but complicated. It's right there on the calendar, even if your mother has died....

Opening | By Becky Brooks | May 28, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), Brokenness, Children, Direct Experience, Family, Grief, Healing, Humanism, Love, Mother's Day, Mothers, Prophetic Words & Deeds, Relationships, Wholeness

Once upon a time there was a teacher named Sophia. Sophia had been a teacher in the town where she lived for so long that the kids she first had in her class grew up and had kids of their own and sent them to her class too....

Story | By Becky Brooks | April 15, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), Abundance, Generosity, God, Home, Hospitality, Prophetic Words & Deeds, Unitarian Universalism

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