Wren Bellavance-Grace

Congregational Consultant

New England Region in Congregational Life

Email: wbellavancegrace@uua.org

Telephone: (617) 948-4258

The focus of Wren's work in New England is the support of small churches, those with under 100 - 120 or so members. More than half of all Unitarian Universalist churches in New England are small by this measure, but they are mighty in spirit, rich in history, and represent a great hope for the future of our faith. All of our congregations face a changing social and spiritual landscape in the 21st century. Small congregations can capitalize on their ability to be nimble and flexible in order to respond creatively to these challenges and experiment with innovative approaches that will provide vital lessons for our shared future.

Wren also focuses on congregational collaborations in New England. We have a blessing of geography across much of New England. It is quite likely that any UU church is within a short driving distance from one or more other UU churches. This blessing makes it possible for our churches to work together to magnify the impact of their ministries and thereby magnify the impact of our saving faith in their communities. Wren tracks congregations in collaborative ministries, and works with potential partners in collaboration to provide the architecture of their interdependence. Building collaborative relationships can be as simple and low risk as the governing board of one church attending a neighboring church to bear witness as they install a new settled minister. Or the relationship could be so deeply collaborative that two congregations call and share a single minister. Wren provides support and coaching to congregational leaders who are ready to reach beyond their walls and build authentic connections with their neighbors.

Previously, Wren served as New England's Director of Faith Formation. Through a fellowship granted by the Fahs Collaborative at the Meadville Lombard Theological School, she authored a white paper, Full Week Faith, which proposes a new approach to our ministries of faith formation in response to the social, demographic, technological, and spiritual realities of 21st century America. Full Week Faith has taken on a life of its own, with a number of congregations across the country adapting their religious education and faith formation ministries, and several seminaries include Full Week Faith in their religious education classes for ministers in formation.

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Dual Platform Future - Considering Trauma and Faith Formation
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This video is a portion of the Conversations with Leaders: Dual Platform Future for All Ages webinar that was offered in April. In this video, Wren...
Stewardship: Leaps of Faith and Risky Business
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A hundred "what if's" can stop an idea before it starts
This Is Our Church — Being/Becoming a Lay Led Congregation (Webinar)
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Some congregations have reduced ministerial hours in recent years, some can no longer afford even a part-time minister, while others have never had ministerial leadership. Whichever category your...

New England Region

Holy Slowly
From New England Region
Opening words from Artist and Vibe Curator Eso Tolson: I don’t know who needs to hear this but rest is not a reward. You don’t have to earn rest. You...
Of Rollercoasters and Tilt-A-Whirls
From New England Region
September is County Fair season in much of New England. In our UU congregations, September is also Ingathering time; water communion time;...
A Beautiful Complicated Story
From New England Region
after I joined my congregation, I found a religious home—not just in the denominational sense, but in the radical, down-to-the-roots sense...
Remembering Our Gifts
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It’s been a hard fall...The election season was both astonishing and surreal. As I write this, many of us are preparing for a very different...


On Veterans Day
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"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is 'Thank You,' it will be enough" —Meister Eckhart Today we have set aside time to publicly say...
In Praise of Technology & Social Media
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In praise of computers and routers and servers and all the hardware and software that can help us build our connectedness; in praise of all the gremlins...
Veterans Day Invocation
From WorshipWeb
Father God, Mother God, God of many names and of none, we invite your presence; be with us this morning. Be with us as we honor our veterans of wartime;...

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Wren Bellavance-Grace, Support of Small Congregations & Congregational Collaborations, New England Region

Read the Fahs Fellowship project here: Full Week Faith