Victoria Weinstein

Full name: Rev Dr. Victoria Weinstein

The Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein

The Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein is the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn, Massachusetts. She hails from Connecticut and has degrees from Northwestern University and Harvard Divinity School. She received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Andover-Newton Theological School in May 2011. Her great loves outside the church are musical theater, cooking, and traveling.

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Nurturing a Ministry of Activism
How can we best nurture a mutual ministry of activism in our congregations?

Spirit | UU World

The disturbing inbreaking of inconvenient truth
From Spirit
When I try to detour around the promptings of the Holy, I inevitably get busted.
Serving Dionysus
From Spirit
I worshiped the gods of comedy and tragedy long before I worshiped Jesus's God, and I have never stopped leaving gifts at the altar of Dionysus.
How Jesus claimed me
From Spirit
One Unitarian Universalist's religious journey.


The Offering As Hospitality
From WorshipWeb
I hope you all had the opportunity to meet someone new this morning, and I certainly hope to meet all our first-time guests this morning after the service.
Generosity of Spirit (words for the offering)
From WorshipWeb
The purpose of the church is to encourage all who gather there to grow more generous in spirit and in action. This is the great end of all the world's...
Generosity Is Our Spiritual Value
From WorshipWeb
This congregation is a theologically diverse religious community with membership open to all who are in accordance with our principles, mission and vision.
The Offering is a sacrament of the free church
From WorshipWeb
We say in our church that the offering is a sacrament of the free church....
Come to Church Anyway!
From WorshipWeb
Last Sunday morning I picked up the phone in the office at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge, LA. After I said, "Good morning, Unitarian Church," a...
Burning Bowl Ritual
From WorshipWeb
Introduction As we continue to seek out the stories of hope in our world in the new year, there are also some things we would very much like to put behi...

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