Victoria Weinstein

Full name: Rev Dr. Victoria Weinstein

The Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein

The Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein is the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn, Massachusetts. She hails from Connecticut and has degrees from Northwestern University and Harvard Divinity School. She received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Andover-Newton Theological School in May 2011. Her great loves outside the church are musical theater, cooking, and traveling.

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Nurturing a Ministry of Activism
How can we best nurture a mutual ministry of activism in our congregations?

Spirit | UU World

The disturbing inbreaking of inconvenient truth
From Spirit
When I try to detour around the promptings of the Holy, I inevitably get busted.
Serving Dionysus
From Spirit
I worshiped the gods of comedy and tragedy long before I worshiped Jesus's God, and I have never stopped leaving gifts at the altar of Dionysus.
How Jesus claimed me
From Spirit
One Unitarian Universalist's religious journey.


A Prayer on the Occasion of an Ordination
From WorshipWeb
Gracious and loving Lord, in perfect assurance of Your presence here we pray your fulfillment of these blessings upon this minister who has been called...
The church is a body
From WorshipWeb
The church is a body. May this body breathe and be together in the spirit of hope May it feel held by comfort....
Divinity is our Birthright
From WorshipWeb
Divinity is our birthright. God nods to God from behind each of us. But let us remember, as Mr....
Prayer for Canvass Sunday
From WorshipWeb
In the spirit of the Prophet Amos, the Unitarian minister A.
Being the Resurrection
From WorshipWeb
The stone has got to be rolled back from the tomb again and again every year. Roll up your sleeves. He is not coming back, you know.
Prayer for All Who Mother
From WorshipWeb
We reflect in thanksgiving this day for all those whose lives have nurtured ours.The life-giving onesWho heal with their presenceWho listen in sympathyW...

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