Victoria Safford

Victoria Safford is the minister at of White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is the author of Walking Toward Morning, the 2003 UUA Meditation Manual and With or Without Candlelight: A Meditation Anthology. Both are published by Skinner House Books.

From Victoria Safford

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Service of Living Tradition
From General Assembly Presentations
General Assembly 2008 Event 2073

Skinner House Books

Walking Toward Morning
From Skinner House Books

The 2003 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series as previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

With or Without Candlelight
From Skinner House Books

The 2009 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

UU World

Bound in covenant
From UU World Magazine
Congregational covenants are declarations of interdependence.


At One
From WorshipWeb
Imagine this. On the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, every fall, every year, the people make their peace with anyone they have wronged or...
Any Other Questions?
From WorshipWeb
People ask me sometimes, “Is this a gay church?” It is a privilege to answer: “Ours is absolutely, gladly, hopefully and humbly, gaily, a gay church,...
Map of the Journey in Progress
From WorshipWeb
Here is where I found my voice and chose to be brave. Here’s a place where I forgave someone, against my better judgment, and I survived that, and...
Desert Spring
From WorshipWeb
They had no idea where they were going, when they left that night, in the dark, without lights, without shoes, without bread, their children smothered...
All That's Past Is Prologue (Winner of the 2001 Stewardship Sermon Award)
From WorshipWeb
Introduction One year for the November Service Auction, [a member] asked and I agreed to have a sermon topic listed among the many items available for...
Safe and Profoundly Unsound
From WorshipWeb
Step One:​ Invoke an external and internal threat. Pose it as a threat to civilization itself. Create a sense of overwhelming crisis beyond the reach of...

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