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Surface Tension
From WorshipWeb
Of course there are people behaving badly during this pandemic, using it as an excuse to practice prejudice, to hoard, to blame; using it to divide and...
Prayer for the Living
From WorshipWeb
As my body begins to loose its hold On this life, this earth, this entirety, May I lay my past to rest And face the unknowable With courage and curiosity.
Releasing of Covenant (Ministerial Departure)
From WorshipWeb
This Releasing of Covenant was created to end the final worship service of a settled ministry....
Prayer on the Eve of an Election
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Wisdom, As we prepare to elect new citizens to lead us, in our communities, town and cities, in our counties, states, and our heart-torn natio...
We Travel This Road Together
From WorshipWeb
Please respond to this call to worship with the words: We travel this road together....
Let Us Make This Earth a Heaven
From WorshipWeb
Let us make this earth a heaven, right here, right now. Who knows what exis­tences death will bring? Let us create a heaven here on earth where love and...
Ritual of Departure for a Director of Religious Exploration (DRE)
From WorshipWeb
In a worship service, the congregation presented farewell gifts to the outgoing Director of Religious Education/Exploration (DRE) before the following:...
Goodbye Ritual (for Minister Retiring or Leaving)
From WorshipWeb
Please note: this ritual was preceded by the departing minister's homily, in which she looked back at the installation service and the promises they had...
It Takes a UU Village to Raise a UU Child
From WorshipWeb
Leader 1: It takes a Unitarian Universalist Village to raise a Unitarian Universalist Child. We will read what we believe important for our children to...
Mary Magdelene's Story
From WorshipWeb
My name is Mary Magdalene. You may have heard of me. I lived a long, long time ago, 2,000 years ago. And I’m here today to tell you the story of Easter...

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