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Signs of Our Faith | Tapestry of Faith

The Story of Easter
From Signs of Our Faith
Adapted from Jesus, The Carpenter's Son (Boston: Beacon Press, 1945). Jesus was a great teacher long, long ago who preached God's love....
Jesus and the Loaves and Fishes: A UU Telling
From Signs of Our Faith
Jesus had not been speaking long—at least so it had seemed with all who were there, yet the day was now almost wholly spent. As the afternoon shadows...
Leader Resource 4: For So the Children Come
From Signs of Our Faith
For so the children come And so they have been coming. Always in the same way they come— Born of the seed of man and woman. No angels herald their...

What Moves Us | Tapestry of Faith

Leader Resource 3: Thoughts on the Word God
From What Moves Us
No matter how much of a humanist one may be, it would seem impossible (at least to me) for a thoughtful and sincere person who is trying to be a citizen...
Leader Resource 2: Why Teach Religion in an Age of Science
From What Moves Us
This was Sophia Lyon Fahs' 1960 Rufus Jones lecture, published by the Committee on Religious Education, Friends General Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 1960. Used by permission. 
Fahs Religious Education Experiences
From What Moves Us
Excerpted from Worshipping Together with Questioning Minds, by Sophia Lyon Fahs. Copyright (C) 1965 by Sophia Lyon Fahs....

Wonderful Welcome | Tapestry of Faith

The Green Man
From Wonderful Welcome
From Stories in Faith: Exploring Our UU Principles and Sources Through Wisdom Tales (Boston: Unitarian Universalist Association, 2007)....
The Picture On The Kitchen Wall
From Wonderful Welcome
A story from China. Sophia Lyon Fahs, From Long Ago and Many Lands. Read or tell the story. Long, long ago in the land of China there lived a very old...
The Very Short Rule
From Wonderful Welcome
From From Long Ago and Many Lands by Sophia Lyon Fahs, second edition (Boston: Skinner House, 1995). Read or tell the story. When Jesus came into town,...


Many of the Past Generation and Many of Today...
From WorshipWeb
Many of the past generation and many of today have found three abiding values in prayer: the quiet meditation on life, the reaching out toward the...

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