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Better Together | Central East Region

How to Keep Your Minister
From Better Together
The early emergence stage of the pandemic, followed by the ongoing threat of variants, has prompted rowdy and aggressive behavior in many areas of society.


You Are Never Alone
From WorshipWeb
It's okay to be feel weary of resiliency and wholeness and learning and growth.
Chalice Lighting for Winter Solstice
From WorshipWeb
This solstice night [or day] In honor of ancient traditions that celebrate this time of longest night, we observe that the flaming chalice holds the...
From WorshipWeb
We speak so often of brokenness in religious life, Let us speak today of wholeness.
The Balance We Seek
From WorshipWeb
The hours of day and night are in balance. In honor of Earth-centered traditions that celebrate this time of year, we observe that the flaming chalice...
When News Has Been Sad
From WorshipWeb
You whose hearts are broken, come in. You whom pain has touched, and sorrow, and shock. You who have cried this week, and read the news with sadness....
Call to Worship and Action
From WorshipWeb
It is said that ministers are here to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. I say, we are all afflicted, and we are all comfortable....
Purim Call to Worship
From WorshipWeb
For millennia People have gathered together to hear stories, To root for the underdog, To jeer the evil and the unkind. We see in our stories Mirrors to...

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