Sharon Dittmar

Full name: Rev. Sharon K Dittmar

Congregational Life Consultant

MidAmerica Region in Congregational Life


Telephone: (513) 823-3535

Reverend Sharon K. Dittmar

Rev. Sharon K. Dittmar

MidAmerica Region Congregational Life Consultant

Reverend Dittmar graduated from Harvard Divinity School in 1997. She served one year as Interim Minister at the Gathering at Northern Hills (Cincinnati, OH 1997-1998), and eighteen years as Minister at First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati (1998-2016). In 2016 she began work as Congregational Life Field Staff with the MidAmerica Region.

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Some Thoughts on Dismantling Systemic White Supremacy
From MidAmerica News
Some Thoughts on Dismantling Systemic White Supremacy
June Welcome
From MidAmerica News
On May 14 UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray wrote, “We continue to recommend that congregations not gather in person.
Dismantling Systemic White Supremacy
From MidAmerica News
Intersectionality addresses how specific identities compound to disempower people due to accepted (and often unseen) systems of power at work in society.

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Human Condition
From MidAmerica Region
American society has acculturated us to ideas about how our bodies should look and function.
May 2019 Friends of MidAmerica
From MidAmerica Region
The MidAmerica Region of the UUA provides congregational life services to 185 congregations, 9 emerging congregations, and 8 covenanted communities across 13 states. These services include faith formation, cultural competence, stewardship, leadership and mission development, and conflict transformation work.
Deep Generalists
From MidAmerica Region
If you’re curious about the ways our former District Staff are serving the new Region, here is our philosophy, as well as more detail about the areas of responsibility we each has taken on.
Friends of MidAmerica
From MidAmerica Region
Contributions to Friends of the MidAmerica Region particularly crucial to help us assist congregations in responding to new and emerging needs.

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