Shari Woodbury

Rev. Shari Woodbury smiles into the camera.

Rev. Shari Woodbury (she/her) seeks to create pathways for "the transforming power of love" to work in individual lives, in congregations, and beyond; she is currently the settled minister at the First Unitarian Church of Omaha. Shari is sustained by music, meditation, hiking, and spontaneous games of ping pong with her husband and tween.

From Shari Woodbury

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Pausing for Wisdom
From Braver/Wiser
Spirit of Life and Love, help me to notice when I am hooked.


Alive in All Creation
From WorshipWeb
We rekindle our connection to the sacred web of life.
Weaving Our Losses
From WorshipWeb
Minister: At this time, we would like to introduce a special ritual. The holidays can be an especially poignant time of year. Alongside the joy in these...
Invitation to Arrive and Rest
From WorshipWeb
These opening words are formatted for two readers, as indicated below.
Open to Awe
From WorshipWeb
[Written for two voices, here set for Worship Association (WA) and Minister (M)] WA: Perhaps some here have outgrown mystery....
A Spacious Welcome
From WorshipWeb
This opening was written for two voices, as indicated below. 1: Welcome, who come in friendship who long for genuine community......
Invitation to Christmas
From WorshipWeb
[for 2-3 voices, alternating] On this eve of mystery and magic, let us enter into the Christmas story as if we were there on the holy night....
Christmas Prayer
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life that goes by so many names… Spirit of Love that has taken so many shapes on our earth over the millennia of human habitation here… we...
Guided Meditation on Darkness
From WorshipWeb
I invite you to enter a period of quiet for a guided meditation. You may wish to adjust your position so that your spine is straight, your body relaxed,...
Special Glasses
From WorshipWeb
Good morning! Do you notice anything different about me today? That’s right, I’m wearing glasses. Have you seen glasses like these before? Any idea...

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