Scotty McLennan

Full name: Rev. Scotty McLennan

The Rev. William (Scotty) McLennan is a Unitarian Universalist minister, lawyer, and educator, currently teaching ethics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was the University Chaplain at Tufts for sixteen years and Dean for Religious Life at Stanford for fourteen years.(He is also the inspiration for cartoonist Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury character, the Rev. Scot Sloan.) He is the author of Jesus Was a Liberal: Reclaiming Christianity for All (2009), Finding Your Religion: When the Faith You Grew up with Has Lost its Meaning (2000), and Christ for Unitarian Universalists: A New Dialogue with Traditional Christianity (2016).

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Ideas | UU World

Theological rationale for abortion
From Ideas
Defending abortion from a liberal Christian perspective.

Skinner House Books

Christ for Unitarian Universalists
A New Dialogue with Traditional Christianity
From Skinner House Books

An engaging and thoughtful inquiry into Christianity for UUs and other spiritual seekers. Helps to stimulate dialogue about Jesus Christ, whether or not we find him central to our faith life.

Spirit | UU World

Salvation for modern Unitarian Universalists
From Spirit
‘Salvation’ isn’t a word Unitarian Universalists use much anymore.

UU World

Be open to resurrection
From UU World Magazine
We need to be open to resurrection—looking up, not down; listening, not stopping up our ears; feeling deeply rather than numbing ourselves with the dail...

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Scotty McLennan

Scotty McLennan

Scotty McLennan
Scotty McLennan