Scott W. Alexander

Scott W. Alexander is the editor of Salted With Fire: Strategies for Sharing Faith and Growing Congregations, AIDS and Your Religious Community and The Welcoming Congregation: Resources for Affirming Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Persons. He currently serves as Minister at the River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Skinner House Books

Everyday Spiritual Practice
From Skinner House Books

Have you wondered how to integrate your heartfelt beliefs into your daily life? Here nearly 40 contributors ponder this creative dilemma and share their discoveries. Creating a home altar, practicing martial arts, fasting, quilting — these are just some of the ways they've found to make every day...


Which God Don't You Believe in?
From WorshipWeb
Elie Wiesel was just a wide-eyed and innocent adolescent when he and all the other Jews of the Transylvanian village of Sighet were jammed into cattle c...
Waiting in the Garden
From WorshipWeb
This morning, I want us to grapple with one of the most universal and troubling facts of human existence. Though every last one of us would have it...
Thanksgiving Sermon
From WorshipWeb
Take a moment right now to visualize in your mind’s eye the first American Thanksgiving feast which our Pilgrim forebears shared with their Native...
May Your Pillow Catch Fire!
From WorshipWeb
"It was still dark that morning in 1942 when the Gestapo rousted from bed the Jews of Bobawa, a Polish village. In the confusion, twelve-year-old Samuel...
Getting Serious About Unitarian Universalism
From WorshipWeb
At one point in her novel Fly Away Home, American writer Marge Piercy has a mother say of her daughters: “The girls had been raised Unitarian...
But Are You Happy?
From WorshipWeb
Happiness is a deep, persistent and universal obsession for humanity. As one of my correspondents asked, "Why isn’t happiness the only thing that...
Blessed Assurance
From WorshipWeb
Every once in a while in my life, I have a human conversation that so stuns or startles me that it proves impossible to ever forget. It wasn’t long ago...
Answering the Religious Right With the Big Heart of Universalism
From WorshipWeb
As must be obvious to every one of you, these are times of great tension and conflict in America. Much of this turmoil in our nation is focused on what...
We Need a Religion
From WorshipWeb
In a world with so much hatred and violence, We need a religion that proclaims the inherent worth and dignity of every person. In a world with so much...

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