Sarah C Stewart

Full name: Sarah C. Stewart

The Rev. Sarah Stewart

The Rev. Sarah Stewart is minister of First Unitarian Church of Worcester, Massachusetts.

From Sarah C Stewart

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UU World

Being, loving, together
From UU World Magazine
‘Your sacredness does not come from your doing’...


On Easter the Deep Magic Breaks Through
From WorshipWeb
We don't live into our redemption very much, or get to win the fight over death. Jesus’ resurrection is a symbol and a promise that we are redeemed and...
The Story of Whiteness
From WorshipWeb
Whiteness has been used throughout the histories of America and Europe to praise desirable groups of people and exclude undesirable groups. But...
To Remember Our Promises
From WorshipWeb
Bring who you are as you enter our church this morning. Bring your best self and your struggling self; bring your mistakes and your triumphs; bring your...
With Open Hands and Hearts
From WorshipWeb
President: We at ______ welcome you as new members of our community this morning. You have come to worship, play, work and grow among us. Ours is a free...

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