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Full name: Samuel A. Trumbore

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Gould Discourse | Central East Region

2005 Gould Discourse - Samuel Trumbore
From Gould Discourse
Thoughts on Sharing Ministry and Leadership Download a PDF of this discourse Read the responses by Jeane Crane and Scott Tayler Your Gifts Your...

Skinner House Books

Buddhist Voices in Unitarian Universalism
From Skinner House Books

This book shares the insights of 17 ministers and lay leaders—UUs who have become Buddhists while maintaining their UU identity and Buddhists who have found a spiritual home in UUism.


Chalice Flame Contemplation
From WorshipWeb
In this time of long nights and short days, let us seek the light within … by contemplating, through our mind’s eye, the image of a candle flame.
Go Forth in Simplicity
From WorshipWeb
Go forth in simplicity. Find and walk the path that leads to compassion and wisdom, that leads to happiness, peace and ease....
An Easter Mediation
From WorshipWeb
Eternal spirit, we witness bringing green growth throwing out tiny tendrils seeking support; sprouting thin twigs reaching for the bright golden sun;...
Holding Reality and Possibility Together
From WorshipWeb
I invite you now into a time of gratitude, reflection, renewal and hope....
Teach my heart healing words
From WorshipWeb
Teach my heart healing words. Show me the words that help rather than harm....
O Light of Life
From WorshipWeb
O light of life, Be kindled again in our hearts As we meet together this morning To celebrate the joy of human community Seeking a wholeness that extend...
Peace Making Benediction
From WorshipWeb
Every week we gather in this beautiful space to find peace. Each week words and music offer and celebrate peace with the hope of instilling it in us....
Breath Meditation
From WorshipWeb
Let us turn inward now Feel the rhythm of the breath. In and out, In and out, Find the peace of just being with the flow of the breath. Letting go of...

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