Robert R Walsh

Full name: Rev. Robert R. Walsh

The Rev. Robert R. Walsh is minister emeritus of the First Parish Church in Duxbury, MA., and the author of Stone Blessings: Meditations.

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Skinner House Books

Stone Blessings
From Skinner House Books

Also available as an … Edition in the Amazon Kindle Store. The 2010 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

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The dark llama
From Spirit
Standing in the shadow of the nebulae.


"Easter Week 1982"
From WorshipWeb
The light green shoots of blossoms-to-have-been are out of sight under the drifting snow. Gale force winds are rattling the old house....
A Baptism
From WorshipWeb
She called to ask if I would baptize her infant son. I said, "What we do is like a baptism, but not exactly....
It Matters
From WorshipWeb
I knew a man who had printed on his stationary this proverb: “Nothing is settled. Everything matters.” It established a certain ambience for reading...
We hold on to hell
From WorshipWeb
"We hold on to hell because when we discard it we glimpse through the clearing smoke a God who is too complicated for us."...
Acquitted of Universalism
From WorshipWeb
In the newspaper there was a story about a seminary professor in Kansas City who was put on trial by the Southern Baptists, accused of being a...
More Than We Deserve
From WorshipWeb
I heard the Second Brandenburg Concerto played in honor of Bach’s 300th birthday, and I was swept away. I remembered a story about the people who send...
A Thanksgiving Prayer
From WorshipWeb
Eternal God, Source of All Creation, we would give substance to our thankfulness by resolving to make right use of the gifts we have received from thy...

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