Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Full name: Rachel Barenblat

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat's blog is Velveteen Rabbi.

From Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

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To My Haggadah
From WorshipWeb
Over the years your staples have slipped and pages loosened. Here a faded purple crescent of ancient wine, there a smudge from bricks of date paste. But...
The Day After
From WorshipWeb
The day after the seder, reality shoves back in like a football player with lowered shoulder....
From WorshipWeb
"So the people took their dough before it was leavened, their kneading bowls wrapped in their cloaks upon their shoulders." —Exodus 12:34 You’ll need...
From WorshipWeb
Breakfast on kosher macaroons and Diet Pepsi in the car on the way to Price Chopper for lamb....

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