Patricia Infante
Congregational Life Staff
Central East Region in Unitarian Universalist Association Congregational Life

Patricia Hall Infante is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who grew up in a large New York City congregation. Her first career as a contract negotiator was put on hold while she took the job of full-time mother to two wonderful boys (an investment that continues to pay dividends). After a workshop at the Unitarian Universalist Association 1994 General Assembly about the book Your Money or Your Life, Pat began to act with greater intention to bring her work life and consumption into alignment with her UU values. In 1997 her heart led her to begin a career in religious education and she currently serves as Congregational Life staff in the Central East Region. Pat is a credentialed religious educator and was recently named DRE Emerita of the UU Church in Cherry Hill. She and her partner of more than 30 years live a life of deep gratitude and rich abundance in New Jersey.

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