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Patricia Hall Infante

Patricia Hall Infante is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who grew up in a large New York City congregation. Her first career as a contract negotiator was put on hold while she took the job of full-time mother to two wonderful boys (an investment that continues to pay dividends). After a workshop at the Unitarian Universalist Association 1994 General Assembly about the book Your Money or Your Life, Pat began to act with greater intention to bring her work life and consumption into alignment with her UU values. In 1997 her heart led her to begin a career in religious education and she currently serves the UUA Central East Region. Pat is a credentialed religious educator and, in 2016, was named DRE Emerita of the UU Church in Cherry Hill. She and her partner of 30+ years live a life of deep gratitude and rich abundance in New Jersey.

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Better Together | Central East Region

“To Everything there is a season…”
From Better Together
As the seasons of the year move inexorably to the next, so it is for me as I prepare to move into the season of retirement later this year or early in 2023
"Lives" on Hold
From Better Together
One that has been most difficult to reckon with for many congregations has been the need to postpone plans for Our Wholes Lives (OWL).
Why Professional Development for Staff?
From Better Together
Change is afoot in our congregations! Ready or not, we are all learning new skills and adapting old ways to meet emerging needs, especially your staff.
Sending Broken-Heart Valentine's
From Better Together
As we enter year two of the pandemic, I and many others are dealing with loss and some degree of broken-heartedness.
Are We the Long-Haul People?
From Better Together
Early in the pandemic crisis my mind kept wandering back to a poem written by my former minister and mentor, Rev Rudy Nemser.
CER Resource Pages: Stewardship for Congregations
From Better Together
Stewardship and generosity in congregations is one of our most important ministries, and is an expression of our covenantal practice of working together to
Does Your Congregation Talk About Stewardship Year Round?
From Better Together
Many congregations are in the waning days of their annual stewardship campaign. Are you thinking, “whew, glad that’s done until next year?”
Religious Educators are “Changing the Narrative”
From Better Together
I have just returned from the annual Fall Conference of the Liberal Religious Educators Association in Houston TX. The theme was “Changing the Narrative” and issues of white supremacy culture...
The Learning Lab of Life
From Better Together
Innovation! Adaptation!! Experimentation!!! We live in a time of incredible change and shifting paradigms. Technology continues to zoom along at a pace that is breathtaking and society seems to be...
Preparing Your Faith Community for the Unexpected
From Better Together
Recent tragic events are causing many congregations to pay closer attention to the safety of their people and the security of their spaces. We all like to think of our congregation as a safe space...

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