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Nicole Bowmer

Nicole Bowmer has been the Religious Education Assistant at First Unitarian Church in Portland, Oregon since 2005. As a writer, editor and outreach coordinator, her involvement with grassroots environmental and social justice projects has included work in Iraq as well as numerous waterway conservation and protection efforts in the Pacific Northwest and New England.

She is the author of Bless This House, a collection of photographs and stories from three adjoining mobile home communities that were shut down in 2007. The book is now a resource for non-profit organizations working to preserve affordable housing options in Oregon.

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Heeding the Call | Tapestry of Faith

Heeding the Call

Jodi Tharan, Nicole Bowmer

From Heeding the Call
Explores linked oppressions in our society, and encourages participants towards personal growth in values that counteract the marginalization of others. 

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