Nancy McDonald Ladd

Full name: Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd

Nancy McDonald Ladd

The Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd is senior minister of River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Bethesda, Maryland.

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GA Presentations | General Assembly

Liberal Religion Beyond Optimism
From General Assembly Presentations
Workshop video. For generations, liberal pulpits have rung with grand sermons about progress “onward and upward forever,” yet our people struggle to make sense of both their own suffering and enduring injustice all around us.

Skinner House Books

Worship That Works
Theory and Practice for Unitarian Universalists
From Skinner House Books

The second edition of this classic UU text includes revisions and new chapters on multicultural worship, multigenerational worship, and new models of services for contemporary practices.

Spirit | UU World

The call to prayer
From Spirit
I truly do not care if a god ever hears me when I pray, but praying together with others is among the most transformative work that I do.
Holy family
From Spirit
A family holy enough to merit the highest forms of reverence.

UU World

Nothing we do will be perfect
From UU World Magazine
To work for justice, religious liberals should let perfectionism go.
Universalism in practice
From UU World Magazine
Black lives matter, because you do not have to be ‘good enough’ to deserve basic human rights.


A Fierce and Compelling Power
From WorshipWeb
If God’s name is love, then God compels us to resist the fall to sinful violence by pushing back with muscular resolve against the social structures tha...
One Piece of a Deeply Sacred Whole
From WorshipWeb
When we say, "Save the rainforest," we don’t mean that we cease to honor the mighty cedars or the reaching pines. We mean that one particular piece of a...
Tapping Out of Fake Fights
From WorshipWeb
This reading is an excerpt of the sermon delivered by Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd on Sunday morning at General Assembly 2016....

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