Maureen Killoran

Rev. Maureen Killoran smiles at someone off-camera

Born in Canada, Rev. Maureen Killoran has, over the past 30 years, served UU congregations in Ohio, British Columbia, Oregon, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, Texas, and Florida.

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In Need of Healing
From WorshipWeb
Welcome, you who come in need of healing, you who are confused, or have been betrayed. Welcome, with your problems and your pain....
Daring Vision
From WorshipWeb
We extinguish this chalice flame, daring to carry forward the vision of this free faith, that freedom, reason and justice will one day prevail in this...
Blessed Are All Living Things
From WorshipWeb
For the blessing of animal companions we give thanks. For the beautiful ones, those whose fur is silky and whose tails are long; whose feathers are...
Cherish Your Dreams
From WorshipWeb
The poet Langston Hughes has written: "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." May this chalice flame...
May Each Person's Backpack Be Their Friend
From WorshipWeb
Each person (mostly children but some adults will have brought their backpacks too) comes forward with their backpack and stands in a group. The prayer...
July 4th Meditation
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life and Love, I come before you black and brown and red and yellow and alabaster, I come longing for the simpler days that truly never were o...
A Blessing for Bridging
From WorshipWeb
[Names], as you step forward into your next chapter, we send with you our fondest hopes and blessings....
Mother's Day Blessing Litany
From WorshipWeb
This piece can be read as a meditation, or used as a litany, in which the congregation responds to each line (in unison), "We ask a blessing on this day...
Holy is this place
From WorshipWeb
Blessed is this ground on which we stand. Holy is this place....
Let Us Tell Stories of Mothers
From WorshipWeb
Let us tell the stories of mothers… stories that could be true....

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