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Congregational Fitness for Ministry
From LeaderLab
Given the increasing shortage of UU ministers, congregations might wish for a simple way to evaluate their own fitness for ministry. Ministers, likewise, might find an objective scale helpful in...


Questioning our Assumptions
From WorshipWeb
We’re the faith of reason and science and dignity. There's nothing wrong with that. It’s just that too many of us have been taught by culture that what...
Come, come, whoever you are: you are welcome here
From WorshipWeb
I want to say to all those who would close the door, who would be guided by fear instead of hope, who would clutch in scarcity rather than live in...
Asking for Refuge
From WorshipWeb
In eighth grade, we were assigned a project: to make a poster about some part of our ancestry. I made mine about the story of the 1930 migration, from...
For Five Thousand Years, Or More
From WorshipWeb
For five thousand years, or more, more than fifteen thousand generations, human beings have been invoking spiritual power....

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