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The Church Has Left the Building
From WorshipWeb
Note: Rev. Margaret Weis invites you to replace "church" with "congregation" or "Fellowship" if that feels most appropriate for your community....
A Recipe for Resilience
From WorshipWeb
This recipe has been tweaked over time, so adjust as necessary. Sometimes it yields more servings than anticipated....
Come Into This Place
From WorshipWeb
Come into this place with your whole self – the parts that are raw and exposed; the part that is beaming with joy; the part that is seeking the truth,...
Prayer for Weary Times
From WorshipWeb
Holy One, our hearts are weary; are tired; and are breaking. Our hearts are stretching as they are pulled and pushed, bruised and battered by all the...
Blessing of the Bikes
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of life and of love, Mystery that connects us all, We give thanks for this day For this gathering of bicyclists (and those who support...

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