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Chalice Lighting for the New Year
From WorshipWeb
For the new year, just days old, beginning today, always beginning: We light our chalice, symbol of faith, perseverance, and hope, in astonished...
The Love's the Thing
From WorshipWeb
I was a foster parent long before I was a mom, and an inside look at families "in the system" reveals pretty quickly that love and parenthood are two...
Life Calls Us Out of the Tomb
From WorshipWeb
Rejecting literal readings of what we insist is only a myth, we look to nature and religions close to the earth for alternative stories of the season.
The Eve of a Birth Like No Other
From WorshipWeb
Holy One, Emmanuel, You are with us and we with You, now on the eve of a birth like no other, and a birth exactly like all others....
Hallowed Ground and Hard Stone
From WorshipWeb
"I remove my shoes because this is hallowed ground," the guide says. "A holy place, not an everyday life place." The guide tells us how we know—or think...
No Hot House Flowers
From WorshipWeb
No hot house flowers, these, bred for perfection, dyed and trimmed, and arranged to order, clothed in ribbons and bows. Not these....
Doxology for Flower Communion
From WorshipWeb
In colors bright and essence sweet, Like flowers we bloom when we meet. O, Source of Life, our song we raise, This beauty fills our hearts with praise.
Prayer for Christmas Eve with Hymns
From WorshipWeb
This prayer's author suggests that for each paragraph of the prayer, an accompanist (on piano or some other instrument) softly play the hymn that's...
Weeping for Our Children
From WorshipWeb
A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be consoled, because they are no more....
The Prayer
From WorshipWeb
Holy Unnamable One, Wholly Unknowable One, Again we have read the story. Again we have sung the tale. Again we wonder at our place in it. Is it ours to...

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