Lindasusan Ulrich

Rev. Lindasusan, in their vestments, sings with a joyful smile on her face.

Rev. Lindasusan V. Ulrich (they/them) is a minister, writer, musician, and activist dedicated to radical inclusion, deep collaboration, and courageous kindness. They are the settled minister at the Unitarian Society of New Haven, CT and identify as a non-binary bisexual person of color.

From Lindasusan Ulrich

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Amplified a Thousandfold
From Braver/Wiser
We have so many opportunities to bless each other in this world, but they don’t always announce themselves as moments of profound transformation.
Honk If You Love
From Braver/Wiser
If justice is to be realized, our voices must speak loudly—even boisterously—of love.
Brilliant Collisions
From Braver/Wiser
We can’t always predict which choices will wind up having a huge impact on us.
The Storm
From Braver/Wiser
Emotional tempests aren’t always easy to weather, but the flatness of life without such currents is the slow silence of drowning.
Blue Sky Returning
From Braver/Wiser
However imperfectly I may be living this life of mine, there’s no one better at it, and there’s no one else who can do it for me.
Good Enough
From Braver/Wiser
Spirit of Compassion, remind us that our task as humans is not perfection, but faithfulness.
Tender Places
From Braver/Wiser
Spirit of Compassion, help us draw strength from all that we are.

UU World

My tender places are a source of strength
From UU World Magazine
Out of the blue, the 5-year-old turned to me and said matter-of-factly, ‘You’re fat.’...


From WorshipWeb
There was an audible gasp when they heard he* was gone A whoosh of air that sounded exactly like the bottom falling out of his mother’s** world the wind...
Begin Your Journey Home
From WorshipWeb
Set your compass to point towards hope and begin your journey home.

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